Excel worksheet applications in pig farm management

Excel is a spreadsheet software can be used to create spreadsheets, many complex data analysis and forecasting data operation and has a powerful charting functionality, is a software-oriented readers about the pig production Excel worksheet in farm management.
The 1 production sows file management
1.1 The input data
Input sows ear number in each cell of the first row of the worksheet in turn, varieties of sources, date of birth, parity, ear, breeding date with boar with boar varieties, the date of the expected date of childbirth litter size born alive number of birth weight, weaning date, weaning head weaning head heavy bad record notes and other items, and then sows file input worksheet, need to pay attention to the records of the same parity sows each need to enter the mother pig ear number and variety of sources only when the first child to enter the following figure:

1.2 filter data
The selected projects of all input cells AutoFilter and then click on the Data menu selection bar, in this article from the pig farm power network. The first line of each cell in the bottom right of a downward triangle will appear in the dialog box that appears, click on the triangle. Click on the title corresponds to find the information we need, in this article from the pig farm power network. And the input of a new item. Click the triangle sows ear, cell in the dialog box that appears will list all sows in turn, select one of the ear, you can view all file records to the sow, and enter a new record return to the worksheet in the dialog box, click all other operations; varieties of cells, we can find a number of varieties; View a parity in the parity unit Gerry sow reproductive performance of the tire ever produced pre-production period The Lane can view. Sows giving birth and breeding date within a certain period of time should be a period the number of breeding sows applications in which the custom function.
2 gilts management
2.1 Input data
Gilts ear No. Source Date of Birth varieties location breeding situation in turn enter the cell in the first row of the worksheet.
2.2 filter data
Screening data using the same method, it can find in the the breeding situations column input has been breeding gilts groups not breeding or breeding gilts after mating. Date of Birth bar you can find to breeding date without breeding gilts, this method can also be used in all aspects of the breeding records prevention record death records.