5 methods to prevent chicken heat stress

Chicken without sweat glands, full of feathers, cooling difficulties, the chicken in the hot summer season is the most prone to heat stress. Alleviate heat stress drugs, diets and good control effect.
1. Adding vitamin C. Vitamin C can reduce the body temperature of the chicken, increase feed intake, reduce the heat stress response. Vitamin C500 mg per kilogram of feed, both to ease the heat stress and raise laying rate 12%.
2. Supplement of vitamin E. In the summer and chicken feed, vitamin E can the chicken heat stress mortality decreased from 55% to 74%.
3. Rod peptide to bacteria. 100 to 150 ml per 1 kg of feed rod peptides bacteria, and supply enough clean drinking water, better able to reduce the heat stress, but also improve the laying rate.
4 Add Aspirin. Aspirin helps add 0.05% aspirin chicken body heat balance in the diet of the chicken, the chicken can effectively improve the heat dissipation and increase egg production.
5. Tim sodium bicarbonate. In the hot season, adding 0.1% to 1% sodium bicarbonate in the diet of chicken, better mitigation of heat stress, but also increase the eggshell thickness, improve egg production rate of 8%.